Helpful Quotes on Total Depravity

1. "Total depravity does not mean that every person is as wicked as possible, but rather that sin has affected every part of our being – mind, emotions, and will."

2. "In our fallen state, we are not merely sick; we are dead in trespasses and sins, highlighting the depth of our need for divine intervention."

3. "Total depravity reveals that no corner of our humanity is untouched by sin, emphasizing our desperate reliance on God's grace for redemption."

4. "Acknowledging total depravity is the first step towards understanding the absolute dependence on the Holy Spirit for any true goodness or righteousness in our lives."

5. "Total depravity is not a pessimistic view of humanity; it's a realistic acknowledgment of our brokenness and a call to turn to the Savior who alone can restore and redeem."