In His Name Company (formerly Ascend Wood) was founded to give back to ministries and people that affected them the most. We are just a husband and wife currently working to fund organizations around the world through our products. We started a few years ago after a sudden job loss. God called us into this new venture as we share the Gospel through all our products and help minister to others.

Each item is designated to give back to a different ministry partner. A portion of all profits will go to the ministry it is tied to. Our current goal is to fund in full all three schools in Haiti with our partner Significance of One.

We hope to lead you to the people and partners who are helping and serving those who need it most. We pray that you would be blessed and reminded of the goodness of our God and His greatness. We aim to proclaim the Gospel from the ends of the earth and pray that others would be drawn to Jesus through our products and be encouraged by them.

God Bless!

Our Partner:

Significance of One in Haiti :)