3-PACK | "God is Greater" Reversible Bracelets [White/Black/Mint]

$16 $45

Limited Time: Grab the 6-pack and get 2 of the 6 FREE! (Select the option "2 FREE | 6-Pack"

Each 'God is Greater' 3-Pack contains:

  • 1x Black
    • side 1: black + G>^V (God is Greater) text
    • side 2: signature palm leaf pattern

  • 1x White
    • side 1: white + G>^V (God is Greater) text
    • side 2: signature palm leaf pattern

  • 1x Mint
    • side 1: mint + G>^V (God is Greater) text
    • side 2: mint/navy graphic


Every purchase helps provide a child in our partnered ministry in Haiti with:

  1. Three meals per day.
  2. Paying high-quality teachers.
  3. Fully equipped book bag with school supplies.

Here's a pic of our beautiful students in Haiti ❤️

A great way to show off your faith by having this conversation starter on your wrist.

No matter what you are going through, let this wristband be a reminder God is always with you in the midst of your trials and hard times of life as well as the wonderful, joy-filled moments.

  • Made from a premium elastic blend
  • Stretchy, reversible, and comfortable wristbands for active and fashionable lifestyles
  • Text on wristband: G>^V

*Model is wearing Standard size*

**Small Sizes are for very small wrists, 6 in **

All wristbands are final sale. These items are not eligible for returns, refunds, or exchanges. 

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